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Friday, May 06, 2016

What a blanket

I had no clue what my post was going to be about today. I didn't do enough rows on my shawl last night to get a new picture. We didn't receive any yarn today. Then Jeff came walking through the door. Look at this amazing blanket he is crocheting. When finished it will be big enough for a king size bed.

Jeff's work is amazing. He is much more meticulous than I am. The blanket is crocheted in tosh merino dk. He is working hard to get it finished in time to enter in the Rockton World's Fair this fall. His entry last year won first prize and he wants to win it again. And after the Fair the blanket is being given to his sister.

I'm home and it's knitting time. I need to get some rows done so that I can show off my work tomorrow.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Happy Thursday

We have a new pair of socks in the store. I really wish that you could touch the screen and feel them. They are super soft.
Pattern: Monkey Socks (free on
Yarn: One skein of Lorna's Laces Solemate. The colour is Hampstead.

The really cool thing about Solemate is that the yarn is made with Outlast - a rayon fiber technology that continuously interacts with a body's microclimate to moderate temperature from being too hot or too cold.

Yuzu Soak is back in stock. All my hand knits are blocked and washed in Soak. Yuzu is my favourite scent.
What is it: Soak is modern laundry care. Clean up with Soak’s eco-friendly formulation. Developed to be as easy on the environment as it is on your clothes, it’s the no-rinse clean you trust and love.

Soak is perfect for your laciest lingerie, softest sweaters, baby clothes, quilts, swimwear, workout wear and all the laundry you love. love it. wear it. soak it.

How it works: Just Soak and squeeze. No need to rinse. Lay knits flat to dry. Wash sets (like lingerie) together. Test fabric for color-fastness.

made with plant derived and renewable ingredients
biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free, sulphate-free
safe for hand or machine washing (including HE)
Yuzu: Clean with a peel. Pucker up and give your laundry some love with a kiss of tart citrus + crushed eucalyptus.
I'm working away on my shawl.
My only complaint is that I can't put it down. Just one more row to see how the colours are going to change. Who am I kidding? It's never just one more row. More like just five more rows. I should be back to another garter stitch section tonight.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Mini Skeins

Not everyone wants to knit in fingering weight yarn so we ordered some mini skein kits in worsted weight from Frabjous Fibers. These kits come in great colours.

March Hare worsted weight yarn.  This go-to worsted covers it all: softness, elasticity, and wearability.
100% merino superwash
5-oz. mini-skein packs contain five 1-oz. mini skeins
46 yards per 1 oz. skein, 230 yards total
I think that I might make the Perspective Cowl (pattern purchased on Ravelry) with one of the kits.

We have the new Opal Sweet & Spicy 3 in the store. The colours are awesome. So bright and fun.

Along with unpacking orders, we're unpacking from the show. This has us rearranging the store. Samples and yarn have moved. Kind of like spring cleaning. But a lot more fun.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Fall Rowan

I've been working away on my shawl. The yarn is great to knit with and I love how the colours are changing. I got into it so much that I went too far before starting the lace. 16 rows too far. There is no way I was going to start ripping out. I'm amending the pattern a bit - my lace starts a bit further down.
Did I mention that I love how the colours are coming out? :)

A email newsletter just arrived from Rowan.
We wanted to get in touch regarding some changes that we will be making to the Rowan range for Autumn Winter 2016. You may have heard some scraps of information alongside some rumours, so we wanted to bring you the official, latest news straight from the Rowan team.

We are very excited to move forward in a way which we see as a return to our roots and a way that originally enabled us to become the design focused team that we are today. Although we will be reducing the size of our overall range, this decision was taken so that we can better concentrate on our yarn favourites such as Kidsilk Haze, Felted Tweed and Cocoon to name but a few.
August will see the 60th edition of our prided Knitting & Crochet Magazine and we hope that you will be as pleased with the collection as we are. We feel that the 43 pieces represent everything true to Rowan over the past 38 years. To celebrate, we will be holding a special anniversary event with Kaffe Fassett in Hertfordshire – watch out on knitrowan for further updates in our news area!

We continue to have the pleasure of working with all of the designer names most associated with Rowan, including Kaffe Fassett, Martin Storey, Sarah Hatton and Lisa Richardson.
Here is a sneak peek at Magazine 60.

Last week I talked about Kidsilk Haze. The colour combination in this pictures is awesome. Can't you imagine a shawl with these?

After work I visited a very happy place. Terra Greenhouse.

The colours are very inspiring. Picking out a plant for the front porch was very hard. I think I'd still be there is the store wasn't closing.

Monday, May 02, 2016

My Meadowside

When I got home on Saturday night I really, really had the urge to knit. Being around yarn and knitters all day will do that to you. My only problem, I didn't really feel like working on something that was already on the needles. This is what happened.

Pattern: Meadowside (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock - one ball each of two colours.

I'm using colours 5 and 7.

I showed pictures a few weeks ago and the shawl has been on my mind since. I couldn't help myself.

The pattern is super easy to follow and memorize. Perfect for a long car trip or a flight. Or for sitting at the soccer field or baseball diamond this summer.

Our box from Frabjous Fibers arrived today. I'm sad it didn't make it for the show but we have great new colours in the store (and soon to be on the website)

Now it's time to update the website. And then a bit of knitting. My yarn is calling to me.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Knitters Frolic

We had a great day at the Knitters Frolic. There are many people to thank. My dad, Beth, Lynn, Cathy, Sarah and Wannietta for helping with set up, take down, working in the booth and working in the store. To the organizers for putting on another great show. And thanks to all who came by the booth.

We had a bit of fun in the morning - our visa machine died. We took credit cards the old fashioned way. It took a bit longer but knitters are great people and there were no complaints.

With the visa card machine issues I almost forgot to get pictures of the booth. Where is Wannietta? She was working security at the door.

I'll get better pictures but here are the ZickZack scarves that Wannietta knit out of Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock. The colours look great.

We still have to unload the grid at the storage locker and then I'm knitting today.

Friday, April 29, 2016

'Tis the night before

We're home from setting up for the Frolic. We have mannequins to dress and price signs to put up in the morning.

I spent a few minutes talking with Bristol Ivy this afternoon. If you are taking a class with her over the weekend you are very lucky.

Now I need to finish my shawl. There are about 25 stitches to cast off and the ends to sew in. Then a good nights sleep before the big day.