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Monday, October 05, 2015

New Lace Knitting

New Lace Knitting is a striking collection of 19 garment and accessory designs intended to reawaken your love of traditional lace knitting by using classic stitch patterns in fresh ways. Whether you’re creating shawls, cardigans, pullovers, or wraps, these projects show you the incredible versatility of lace: how stitch patterns change in different weights of yarn, how you can use that stitch pattern sparingly or for your whole project, and how little knitterly details make a lace project truly elegant, whether it is for every day or special occasion.
We have a new book in the store and the designs are amazing.

See all the designs on Ravelry... 
The October Dream Club yarn will be arriving next week. Dream in Color is holding it to ship with yarn for the Fleece Festival.
This month we have two patterns for you. Both are fingerless mitts. The knitted version “En Plein Air” designed by Jimmy Martinez, features a strap with a button for decoration and a nice close fit, something Monet would have worn while painting “en plein air” (outdoors) on a chilly day! The crocheted version, “Water Lillies” designed by Susan Sellers, features a unique chain foundation and decorative textural stitches that evoke Monet’s famous painting of the same name
The yarn is Everlasting DK, 100% superwash merino wool. 250m (275 yards) on a 100gram skein. If you aren't into fingerless gloves, the yarn would work great for the Squish Me Cap (pattern purchased on Ravelry).
Beth loves the Squish Me Cap and has knit in many times. This one is in Zara Print Melange from Filatura Di Crosa. I have a feeling that she will want a skein of the Dream Club yarn to make another one.

The rain isn't stopping in Myrtle Beach. We talked to Lisa this morning and they ate Kraft Dinner and potatoes for breakfast. There isn't a lot of food left in the house. Another homeowner in the complex stopped in to check on them this morning and told them that the road by our house is the worst. If they walk to my parents, they can take my parents car out to the store. Lisa was quite excited. I'm not sure if it was food or the fact that the wine is running out. Thank goodness we have lots of games in our house so they've been amused for the past few days.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

That's a lot of rain

They've been talking on the news about the rain in South Carolina. There has been a lot of it. At the golf course where our house is they've had 21" (no that isn't a typo) of rain.

Friends are staying in our house in Myrtle Beach. This is the first email that came in this morning. The road is a bit flooded. The water is half way up the mail box.
This is the second picture. A lady got stranded on the road beside our house. They got her out and brought her in to dry her off before her husband could get as far as he could to pick her up.
This is the third email. The front of our house. Half of our front lawn is under water. The water on the road is so deep that Jim was swimming in it. They emailed a video of him doing the front crawl down the road. Then they heard that there was a yellow house in trouble. My parent's house is yellow. Jim went a mile through the water to make sure it was okay. Thankfully it was. They just had new floors installed.
Beth and I are hosting a family get together next Monday. We figured everyone will have eaten enough turkey so we are having lasagna. Today was very productive. Three large trays and four small ones. The freezer is full and we'll have dinner food for a while.

There was a bit of knitting today but not a lot. I was busy flipping between football games.
The Reverb Shawl in a Party of Five kit from sweetgeorgia. I'm using the Rusted colourway.

The new season of Homeland starts tonight. Of course we had to order the Superchannel to watch it. I'd like to think that I'll be able to knit during it but I'm kidding myself. You have to pay a lot of attention.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Limited Edition

Mrs. Crosby has been busy.
I am simply over the moon to announce the first in what I intend to be an ongoing series of such discoveries: a limited edition of a fascinating yarn, available nowhere else and never to be repeated.
May I present, please: Ombra della Sera. Evening Shadow. This intriguing, luxurious chain-ply was milled in Prato, Italy from 90% cashmere and 10% nylon for a dashing combination of softness and durability. On needles US 6-7 (4-5mm) it knits at a gauge of approximately 4.5-5 stitches to the inch. The put-up is 50 grams (approximately 110 yards) per hank
This is a very, very limited edition yarn. It should be in the store at the end of next week.
These are three special edition colours that will only be available in this yarn.

We also have on order
-Wild Huckleberry
-Hollywood Cerise
-Roasted Chestnut
-Red King Radish

Like I said. It is very limited - not all colours were available. There will be a special pattern available but I can't talk about it yet. As soon as I can, I will share pictures.

I finished knitting an infinity scarf today. I should have taken another picture so it wasn't doubled around my friend's neck but it was raining when I took this and she was complaining.

My goal is to block it tomorrow.
I used two balls of Olympia from Lana Grossa. The pattern is easy and quick to make on 9mm needles.
Make colorful projects quickly with Lana Grossa Olympia. This super bulky yarn is a machine washable blend of wool and acrylic, in a single ply. The marled colors are fantastic and is great for accessories, hats, scarves and cowls.
There are 100m on a ball and it retails for $16.95. Great for Christmas projects.
Today was crazy in the store. Cold and rainy outside means that knitting season is starting. Thanks to all who came in today - I'm sure you're having a great evening starting on a new project. Now it's time for me to get back to a project that needs to be finished for the Fleece Festival. Yikes. Why do I put myself under time constraints like this??

Friday, October 02, 2015


We just received a shipment of great buttons. Here is a small sample of the many colours and sizes.
These rainbow buttons are perfect for any kid's sweater or garment. Small in size, but big on colour, no crafter should be without a few of these little gems stashed in their button box! Buttons measure 14mm in diameter.  

There are adult buttons as well.
These large, beautiful, classic buttons made of plastic (making them easy to care for!) come in a range of colours! Each button measures 45mm in diameter.

These large, textured buttons would be the perfect addition to any cool weather coat, sweater or accessories. With the look of marble or stone, they are classic in their style. Buttons measure 44mm in diameter.

The charity dinner last night went very well. The silent auction is always fun. I got a frying pan. Laugh but we need one at our house. I also got a carrot cake. I'd be happier if it was at my house but somehow it ended up at my parents. Good planning by my dad. In the live auction Beth won 4 tickets to see the Buffalo Sabres play.

My post was really lacking so I went on the search for some free patterns for you. These are from Manos Del Uruguay and use Fino.
Elegant and refined, Fino combines the softness of merino wool with the lustre of silk in a lightweight yarn that’s perfect for heirloom accessories or luxurious garments. Fino features a new dye process that yields complex, subtle, tonal colors.
70% extrafine merino wool
30% silk

450m/490 yards on a 100gram skein

Download the pattern for the Cesta Cowl...

The Eternidad Scarf...

The pattern for the Fino Circle Scarf...

I was in the store late tonight and just finished dinner. Now it's time to watch The Amazing Race. I don't have any knitting to show tonight but will tomorrow.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

What will we buy tonight??

Tonight is our annual dinner to raise money for Honduras. My dad loves his trips and especially loves meeting the kids. All money raised tonight goes directly to Honduras. There are no administration expenses. Everyone who goes on a trip pays their own way. None of the money from tonight pays travel expenses. It is a great cause and we are so happy to help out.

I'm writing now because it's a long evening and there won't be time later to write. There is a silent auction and a live auction and we always come home with some great stuff. Dad's paying :)

I talked about the new needle set coming from Knitter's Pride. Here is a picture of the awesome box it will be coming in.
I love it!

Rowan has a new collection of Christmas garments.
A collection of six Christmas themed knits for him and her. Designs range from a simple, cosy buttoned scarf to stunning intricate fairisles.

See the collection on Ravelry...

There is also a beautiful free pattern on Rowan's website...
Knit this stunning fairisle slipover, the member’s exclusive free pattern for September 2015. Designed by Marie Wallin and worked in Rowan Tweed and Colourspun this intricate colourwork design would be suitable for the more experienced knitter. Note that the crochet hook is only used to make the tie cord.
Now I need to get a bit of work accomplished before heading home. I need to figure out what I'm going to wear. And then I'll probably have to iron something. Luckily our family is known as 'the sweater family' so I can get away with wearing a sweater or shawl.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Log Cabin

The new colours of Noro Kureyon inspired me to find my squares and start working on the Log Cabin Afghan again. 8 and a half finished. Sixteen and a half to go. While I was searching for squares I found a part ball of Noro that wasn't Kureyon. Then I remembered it was from a cardigan that I had knit. I rooted through a few boxes and there it was. Something I could have been wearing all summer. Note to self. Next week I really need to finish unpacking. With the packing and unpacking for store events lately I haven't had the energy or desire to unpack here.
Beth had to take the dogs bed from my parents and bring it to our house. We've had a small problem here lately. The dogs think that the couch is a really big dog bed. The other night Beth sat in a chair because they were not moving.

They had their hair cut last week and it's almost impossible to tell the difference unless they are standing side by side.
I was going to write earlier but got caught up in the Jays game. Now it's time for Survivor so my post is going to be short. Currently I'm knitting on three things but two are needed for the Fleece Festival so I think that the log cabin squares need to be put in a basket for now. It's sad to put away the fun colours but they can come back out to play in a few weeks.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Woodstock Fleece Festival

The Festival is going to be here before we know it.

Saturday October 17 9am-5pm
Woodstock Fairgrounds
The Woodstock Fleece Festival is an annual event that invites fibre artists and others to join together in an atmosphere of appreciation, learning and camaraderie.The show will incorporate workshops and demonstrations from top instructors.  Exhibition booths will be selling everything from raw fibre to quality finished goods.  It is also a great place to have lunch!!!
Visit the Fleece Festival website for more information about the vendors and the workshops being offered... 

Here are a few pictures from last year's booth. It's good for me to look at them because then I know what we took. I try to take different yarns, kits and sample garments every year.

It's a great day that is a bit more relaxed than some of the other shows. I actually have time to talk to customers in Woodstock. Bring your family too. There is a farmers market and there will be animals at the show. Alpacas. Sheep. Rabbits. And who knows what else.

The Royale interchangeable needles set will make for a wonderful gift this season, presented in a specially designed box with pearly effect. The set contains 9 pairs of our ever-popular laminated birch wood interchangeable needles in sizes US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, four colour coded cords in lengths of 24” (green), 32” (orange - 2) & 40” (red) and a set of cord connectors. Each interchangeable needle is made from the colourful wood used for Dreamz needles in a striking new striped pattern with shiny brass tips adorning the ends of the needles. Each size comes in its own unique colour making it easy to identify each size. The unique combination of wood and metal gives a refined look to the needles and also provides an incomparable knitting experience.
The Royale Interchangeable Needle Set should be in the store mid-October. These sets are a limited edition and will go fast. Get your set on order and don't be disappointed.

For some reason they decided that it was necessary to pour the garage floor in the house across the road at 7 this morning. Needless to say, I was up early. It's almost 9pm and I'm heading to bed. The Jays aren't playing tonight so there isn't a need to stay up :) I can barely keep my eyes open so knitting might be a bad idea.